Key Solutions

  • IDO co-investing The investors deposit their money to our pools for co-investing with others to invest in other IDO launchpads through the Seedtopia Launchpad pools
  • Dashboard
    The investors can monitor the process and the profit of selling IDO through the dashboard in Seedtopia.
  • DAO vote Our platform is driven by the investor, the investor can vote for setting the Seedtopia's direction and the IDOs that should be invested
  • IDO optimizer
    • Buy IDO token The Seedtopia will buy IDOs following the investors voting results and make the IDO process more convenient.
    • Sell IDO token as soon as possible for All-time high price As IDO price behave, the IDO price will raise up after listing in a few minutes and it's very hard to sell at that price. So, the Seedtopia will automatically sell as soon as possible for the high price. 👑
  • Staking for Pool Access
    If you stake our governance token in the Seedtopia, you can recieve resturn form revenue sharing and more benefits from the growing funds. Moreover,we offer an excluesive benefit for our stakers.
  • Liquidity Mining
    The stakers will get the reward from the Seedtopia in terms of governance token.
If you want to know more about Seedtopia Decentralized VC Stay tune!!!
Last modified 1yr ago