🌱 For project owners:

  • Increase project visibility: Posting blockchain projects on the IDO launchpad boosts visibility and encourages both retail investors and non-retail investors to contribute more to the project, which is extremely beneficial in the long term
  • Grow project engagement: Distributing coins to individual investor wallets may decrease price fluctuations and create long-term holders if those investors want to use the coin for more than just speculation in the future.

🌱 For Other IDO launchpad:

  • New fundraising channel: Increase the capital allocated to each IDO co-investing launchpad from the investor who is unable to stake to high tier level directly in IDO launchpad.

🌱 For Investors:

  • Increase allocation: Seedtopia gathers tokens from the investors to offer more IDO allocation from the higher tier level.
  • Create new opportunity: The new channel for IDO investing that is easier to access and get an allocation.
  • More profit and more convenience: The Seedtopia will buy for you follow the community voting and sell IDO as soon as possible, which brings to the investor more earnings than when selling by themselves.


The Seedtopia earns revenue from management fees deducting 10% of investor profit and 1% of the deposit fee gas based on the value of the deposit per transaction.