In the past few months, the new buzzing words in blockchain have been popular among the cryptocurrency investors that was “IDO/ICO/IGO” token. The project owners who aim to start their DApp projects they’ll decide to do their first step by raising funds from the investors to develop the project in terms of a token called “IDO” (Initial DEX Offering).
The IDO token was interesting to investors because most IDO after being listed on Exchange or Decentralized Exchange(DEX) its price will rise extremely high, maybe 10x 20x or 100x from the buying price. You may imagine you’re the one of the first group that buys “Axie(AXS)” when it’s price is lower than 1$ and watch the price now. The IDO token of an interesting project will sell on the platform called “Launchpad”.
But, many IDO Launchpads require a large investment to participate in their platform through the investors have to hold/stake their governance token to reach their guarantee tier of IDO allocations so, that be the high barrier for retail investors to jump into the IDO launchpad. As a result, the retail investors have a smaller chance to access the IDO tokens than whales investors and some of the investors with a limited investment may not get whitelisted due to their investment does not reach the guarantee tier.
Moreover, the high barrier of the Launchpad also effect to the project owners only can access a group of whales to buy their IDO tokens.
The Seedtopia platform is a multi-chain decentralized platform that offers fair and more accessibility than other decentralized launchpads for investors to invest in Gamefi, Defi, Web3 & NFT projects that aim to raise money. 💰
Fair Launchpad and IDO Co-investing. At the beginning of Seedtopia, the Seedtopia allow investors to pool their tokens together into a shared pool and stake on another launchpad to get an IDO token allocation. Retail investors can reduce the barriers to access to higher tiers and increase their chances of acquiring larger allocations.
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